My Roles: Creative Director, Performer

BIOS: Alpha was a project exploring augmented creativity, projection design and machine performance. Using a Kinect, projectors and Touch Designer, we crafted a 30 minute performance interweaving random number generators, algorithmic design and dance.  

More: Creation Project Website | Grant Proposal

Photos by Ian Shelanskey and Matthew Ragan


10letters [In Progress]

My Roles: Collaborator, Writer

10letters is an experiment in communal, analog storytelling as a response to the ubiquity of digital interaction. Finding the addresses of 10 strangers, we write them each a letter asking if they’d like to write a story with us–sending letters back and forth–inspiring both relationships and imaginations. Pending participation, we are hoping to scale up to 100letters and 1000letters in the future. 

Photos by Ian Shelanskey


The Offering

My Roles: Creative collaborator, Guide

The Offering is a performance “happening”–a free, small-scale interaction between participants and the public. Set in James Turrell’s Air Apparent, participants shed themselves of anything they’re carrying in their pockets, walk around the space undisturbed, then collect their things and leave. Our culture is so rarely “present”, The Offering allows people to take an unburdened breath from their day. 

Photos by Phil Weaver-Stoesz