Catalyst Collective

The Catalyst Collective is a company of artists and performers that create events celebrating, exploring, and responding to current scientific research. Our work is built through our artist-in-residency program, which places artists in scientist spaces to learn about their work, build community, and create new works of art inspired by, and created with, the scientists.


My Roles: Director, Writer, Performer, Artist-in-Residence

Emergence was a show built though a collaboration with the Emergence Laboratory at ASU, a group of researchers exploring the questions “What is life?” and “Where did life come from?”. In Catalyst’s artist-in-residence program, we interview researchers, draw pictures, ask naive questions, and tell stories to find the human story rooted in the work. Emergence was a performance event wherein we provide an information session to a group of people who will be born in one hour. The show explored the concepts of persistence, astrobiology, post-selection bias, cellular automata, and the fundamental question: what is this life thing all about? 

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Photos by Sharon McCaman