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My Roles: Director, Collaborator, Writer, Performer

[De/As]cending was a devised, immersive theatre show that was produced in the Arizona State University Art Museum. The show explored themes of oppressive regimes and water scarcity by leading the audience through multiple narrative “tracks”. Though the show wasn’t built to be interactive, during the run audiences decided to involve themselves in the performance. 

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Photos by Tim Trumble


on display

My Roles: Development Director, Production Director

on display is a new play written by John Perovich. It’s the story of a secluded artist who is given the opportunity of a lifetime, but to gain the notoriety he dreams of, he may have to spill more than just paint. The play has undergone an O’Neill-style development process and was featured at Phoenix Theatre’s Hormel Festival of New Plays and Musicals. The show ran in April as part of the School of Film Dance and Theatre’s Mainstage season. The show also collaborated with an abstract expressionist painter, Joe Holdren, for training, dramaturgy, and the chance to host a new set of paintings inspired by the show. 

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Photos by Tim Trumble